FInd Leap year or Not

static void demoS (Args _args) { If(2020 MOD 4 == 0) { info('then leap year'); } else { info('not a leap year'); } }


Mapping errors

I'm trying to import products in AX 2012 R3 using the data import export framework. when I try to Generate source mapping the following error shows up. Mapping errors: ;     Sollution: This error may occur due to version mismatch of excel and system. If system's version is 64 bit and excel version is … Continue reading Mapping errors

Simple Steps To Create Number Sequence In Ax2012

Creating number seq: Hello Friends, Today I want to describe about how to create number sequence in AX2012 It is same as like as we know in Ax2009 but small steps is added in AX2012.don't worry just follow the below steps simply we will get number sequence in AX2012. We will Take a EDT name … Continue reading Simple Steps To Create Number Sequence In Ax2012


public void run() { SysSQLSystemInfo systemInfo = SysSQLSystemInfo::construct(); ; super(); // Set the color scheme of this instance of the SysFormRun to RGB; // If the database name is not the live version, change the color of the form if (systemInfo.getloginDatabase() != 'MyDBName'); }